ICBC “Don’t Pick Me Up” Ringtones

Copywriting for six 30-second ringtones in different genres to remind people to leave their phones alone when driving. A local band created the tunes to bring the lyrics to life.

  1. Let It Ring, Baby – Jazz
  2. Play Hard to Text – Disco
  3. Texty Lady – Pop
  4. Voicemail Your Heart – Country
  5. Missed Call Master – Reggae
  6. Road of No Replies – Rock

“Let it Ring, Baby”

When you get a call while you’re driving,
Just let it ring, baby

Don’t you try to check
Those incoming texts
On your cell phone’s screen
This is not the time
To send your friend a reply

When you get a call while you’re driving,
Just let it ring…baby


“Play Hard to Text”

If you’re driving out on the highway
And you hear your cell phone beep
You want to check what it says
But don’t you touch that screen

Don’t need say you’re on the road
Keep them on their toes
Trying to guess what is up
But they’ll never know…

Play hard to text (don’t reply)
Play hard to text (it’ll be alright)
Play hard to text (you’re on the road)
Play hard to text (don’t pick up that phone!)


“Texty Lady”

When you get a text on your phone
When you’re driving on down the road
Trying to read your message or type
You’re groovy, girl, but that just aint right

Hey, texty lady!
Hey, texty lady!
Hey, texty lady!

I’ll call you when I get home.

“Voicemail Your Heart”

When you get a call
And if you’re driving smart
Yeah, you’d leave it…
And let them voicemail your heart.

Yeah you’d leave it, and let them voicemail…
Voicemail your heart.


“Missed Call Master”

Be a smooth driver
A missed call master

Got a call from your brother
Let it go to voicemail
Don’t even touch your phone
Eyes on the road

Be a smooth driver
A missed call master
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah


“Road of No Replies”

Here’s another text on your phone
But you’re driving
So just leave it alone
Better keep your mind on the road

So if you want to be wise,
Stay on the road…
The road of no replies


15 Second Radio: “Greatest Hits”

Now presenting all your favourite phone-free driving hits! Enjoy top ringtone tracks, like

“Road of No Replies”
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“Voicemail Your Heart”
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And of course, “Let it Ring, Baby”
[music for 2 seconds]

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